Here are the brochures for the different POS terminal models that PBH CANADA offers:

Desktop terminal (Ingenico iCT250)

Desktop terminal (Verifone VX520)

Bluetooth (bring to the table) terminal (Ingenico iWL252 B)

Wireless terminal (Ingenico iWL255 G)

Wireless terminal (Verifone VX680)

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Ingenico Group is the trusted, strategic partner of choice for merchants and payment industry players in Canada and worldwide. Ingenico’s team is the driving force in innovating FinTech products & services that are transforming the way merchants and consumers interact. Whether it’s the range of fixed, wireless, mobile point-of-sale solutions, online payment solutions or connected devices, Ingenico aim to eliminate payment complexity and make purchasing quick, seamless, and secure for both merchants and consumers. Through its strong ecosystem of innovation partners, Ingenico is accelerating the development and delivery of seamless and secure payment solutions that are creating new sales opportunities for merchants and revolutionizing the consumer journey.



Verifone is one of the world’s largest POS terminal vendors and a leading provider of payment and commerce solutions. They operate in more than 150 countries and employ nearly 6,000 people globally. Their steady growth has come organically, through a dedication to innovation and strategic partnerships, as well as from savvy acquisitions.

At the core of the Verifone payment ecosystem is their secure, scalable framework. Their commitment to open standards fosters global collaboration through innumerable channels. Their hardware and software architecture, in conjunction with new development tools, enable more efficient integration. And new partnerships with some of the most progressive companies in payments and commerce further drive innovation and expansion.


Ingenico vs. Verifone

Times are good, at least potentially, for the two leading manufacturers of stand-alone point-of-sale terminals. The U.S. market is moving to EMV chip card acceptance. There’s growing demand for terminals that can support advanced encryption and other security protocols to better protect transactions in transit.

Yet when looking at what’s at stake for the region’s – and the world’s – two top terminal makers, VeriFone Systems Inc. and Ingenico Group, it seems VeriFone is the most vulnerable, at least in the U.S. Here’s why.

VeriFone long has been the market’s leader in the region, where last year it captured a 51.5 percent share of terminal shipments to Ingenico’s 17.4 percent share, according to Nilson Report. Though still a wide gap, VeriFone’s 2013 U.S. shipment total of 936,000 represented a 17 percent drop from a year earlier, while Ingenico’s 317,000 shipment total last year represented a 47 percent boost, Nilson says.

Ingenico’s relative expertise with EMV terminals could be a factor. Also affecting the market is growth in integrated tablets, which is reducing use of traditional terminals among small and midsize merchants. With VeriFone’s local dominance in the market, it’s especially vulnerable to that growing trend.

Conversely, Ingenico rules globally, holding a 30 percent shipment share last year (up from 28.3 percent a year earlier) to runner-up VeriFone’s 18.6 percent share (down from 25.8 percent). Ingenico’s global shipment total of 6.7 million devices represented an 18 percent boost from 2012, while VeriFone’s 4.2 million shipments represented a 20 percent decline.



Please click the links above for open brochures for specific POS terminal model.


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