Merchant Funding Services

Merchant Advance is an alternative to a bank. We fund businesses that cannot get a loan from a bank for a number of reasons – industry banks don’t fund (i.e. restaurants), not perfect credit, extra debt. We finance based on 75-110% of credit and debit card processing volume. It’s not a loan, it is an alternative to a bank.

There is no interest and fixed payments or term. There is a one time factor rate. Example would be — we fund you $10,000, you pay us back $13,000.

We take the money automatically from your daily processing at a retrieval rate of around 11-12%. It’s convenient because there are no fixed payments. We understand your business is not static. One months the sales are good, the other – not so much. So we take our money back based on your flexible daily sales, not a fixed amount. It usually takes 6-8 months to pay off the amount, then you can top up your merchant advance again. There is no limit to what you can use the funds for. Usual uses are for renovation, new equipment, and working capital. Funding decision within 2-3 days, money deposited within 24 hours upon approval and signing.

What to do next:

  1. Download Application here
  2. Fill it out, sign and fax it back to 1-888-501-3231
  3. With application, also fax 6 months of processing statements and 6 months of banking statements

Money Well Spent – Invest in Your Business


How Much Can I Borrow?

Minimum $10,000. Maximum depends on your monthly processing volume on credit and debit cards. 75-110% of processing volume can be funded.


Is There Interest? Collateral?

There is no interest or collateral required. We are not a bank. Instead of interest, you agree to pay back a certain amount. Example would be, you borrow $10,000 and agree to pay back $13,000.


How Do I Pay Back?

Usually it takes 6-8 months to pay off the borrowed amount. You can pay it off in full any time. We retrieve the funds daily through your daily credit and debit card processing until the full amount is paid off in full. Usually, the retrieval amount ranges between 11% and 12% of your daily processing volume.


My Credit is Bad

We are not a bank and most of our clients are those who banks refuse to finance for a number of reasons, such as industry (banks don’t fund restaurants), new businesses (banks don’t fund businesses under 3 years), debt load (banks don’t fund if your debt ratio is over 40% of your total income), low credit score. It costs no money to apply and try.


Will You Pull My Credit Bureau?

Yes, we will. Not to see your score (because our decision is not based on some imaginative score number) but rather to see your current obligations and to confirm your identity.


How Soon Can I Get The Money?

After applying, it normally takes 48 hours to come with a proposal. If you choose to accept, the paperwork is drafted for you to sign, and funds are released within 24 hours.


Can I Be With Any Processor?

Although, we would love to have your processing business also and offer you some savings and economies of scale, you can be with any processing company of your choosing. We are not picky 🙂


Fund Again?

When you are close to paying off your first funded amount or after you have paid it off, you can accept funding again. The second time around, the process is much easier.

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