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Easy Credit Card Processing on your Computer

Virtual Terminal works on all devices that have a web browser and internet connection.
Using web browser on your PC, MAC, TABLET or SMART PHONE, you will authorize credit card transactions in real-time.

Virtual Terminal


The Virtual Terminal includes:


Web-Based Virtual Merchant

Virtual Terminal is web-based. You will login from any internet-connected PC, MAC, TABLET or SMART PHONE.


Credit Card Processing, Easy Way

Just key in credit card number, expiry date, amount, and you’re done!


Recurring Billing

Enter credit card once and automatically bill monthly, weekly, quarterly…


Receipts Your Way

Print receipts or email receipts to your clients automatically.


Payments on your Website

Accept payments online on your website via hosted payment page.


Shopping Cart Support & Integration

We support a large number of 3rd party shopping carts.


Daily Bank Deposits – FREE

Next day bank deposits to your bank account – free.


Merchant Account Included

Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover cards.

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True Story

See how people are using Virtual Terminal

A Truly Mobile Solution

manNoah is a contractor. He has been in business for 5 years and has always taken cash and cheque. But more and more recently, he has been receiving demands from customers to put a downpayment on the job on credit card. Noah’s customers just like collecting points on credit cards and not necessarily have the money upfront on the checking account for the downpayment.

So, Noah chose to have a Virtual Terminal, which runs on his laptop that he always brings with him on a truck. As a result of being able to accept credit cards on his Virtual Terminal, he signs up more business.

Recently, Noah has discovered a new use for his Virtual Terminal. He had a contractors’ show in Calgary where he had a booth and he took his Virtual Terminal with him. Guess what? He ended up signing a couple of clients on the spot. A job well done, Noah!

Make Things Easy for Repeat Customers


Sophia is running a small not-for-profit organization in Toronto and is responsible for collecting monthly donations from regular donors. She used to call them one by one every month to remind them to donate that month. That took a lot of her time. In fact, there was no time for anything else, especially at month end.

After signing up for Virtual Terminal through PBH CANADA, the process became a breeze! Using Recurring Payments feature of the Virtual Terminal, Sophia now enters credit card information of regular donors only once, then sets up frequency of payments (once a month) and amount of donation for each particular donor and she is set!

By the end of the month, all the credit cards are charged as planned and all Sophia has to do is to check online reporting to have piece of mind that everything went as planned. Now Sophia can dedicate her time to bringing more goodness to this world and contributing to a greater cause.


See the Demo

See how your Virtual Terminal works

Use these credentials to log in as demo user:
Client ID: gpsalesdemo
Username: east
Password: Password1

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Your Complete Processing Solution:


Merchant Account

All of PBH CANADA’s POS terminals come with merchant account. Merchant account is needed to process Visa, MasterCard, and Interac Debit transactions.


Cost+ Pricing for All – BIG and small

Big or small, we offer fairness for all. Cost+ Pricing is the most transparent pricing of all. Formerly, was only available to largest merchants, chain stores, corporations. Now, we brought it to Canada to serve all — BIG and small. It offers significant cost savings and transparency.


Daily Bank Deposits – FREE

Free daily bank deposits. Your money in your bank account the following business day. We are bank-neutral, be you with a bank or a local credit union, we welcome all. Keep your current bank account.

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